I build products at the intersection of business viability, engineering feasibility, and human desirability.

I lean into empathy and storytelling. I get inspiration from constraints. I write to think. I build to understand.

<aside> πŸ“Œ I am currently building the future of AI-powered workplace collaboration at DevRev.


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<aside> 🌲 Stanford University MS in Design Impact Engineering


Completed June 2023

Coursework in need-finding, business strategy, manufacturing, and investment science

<aside> 🌐 London School of Economics MSc in Behavioural Science


Completed August 2021

Coursework in experimental design & methods, social network analysis

<aside> 〽️ University of Michigan BS in Computer Science, Women’s Studies, and German


Completed May 2017

Coursework in AI, operating systems, statistics, discrete math, and calculus